Our Religious Groups and Programs for Kids and Young Adults

Our Religious Groups and Programs for Kids and Young Adults

Adult Groups

Small Group Based
Generational, Topical, and Geographical

Promise Land: Youth 6-12

KidZone: K-5

Adventure Land: Nursery

Boy Scouts of America

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The W.O.L.F. Pack

Worshiping Our Lord Fellowship
Men’s Ministry

Youth Bible Study

Sunday School

Neighborhood W.A.T.C.H.

(Where Are The Christians Hiding)

Meet and greet activities in subdivisions, Starbucks, Panera, bowling alley, etc. to develop rapport and create an “Elbow Ministry.”



A Bible Study Chat Room on the Amazing Grace Today.org website. Conduct one-on-one Bible Study via Facebook and Twitter.



Many young people today are spending time in Avatar worlds on-line; we want to create an Amazing Grace Avatar world where young people can enter and explore questions and issues they are afraid to ask in the real world.


Taking Back the Streets

Youth mentoring program, what they see is what they’ll be – with our youth, especially our at-risk males, it is important to offer them positive role models and activities to help keep them from becoming another negative statistic.


Music Enrichment Program

Amazing GRACE music ministry provides youth with music lessons. Statistics show that youths that are in involved in the fine arts are less likely to be involved in negative activities.


First Tee Program

In partnership with First Tee of America, we provide free golf lessons to youths.


“Women of Wisdom”

Empowering women to develop goals, dressing for success, write resumes, interview skills, job searches

GED Program

English as a Second Language

Christian-Based Recovery Program

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